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Site language: English. English; 中文简体; 中文 Alguien de ustedes tiene el curso en pdf y audio de Assimil Portugues de Brazil? For learning: Portuguese; Base language: Spanish; Category: Culture. 0; Alfredo; November. Download & Read Online ASSIMIL Pack MP3 Portugais du Bresil / Portugues do Brasil [ Brazilian Portuguese for French Speakers ] Book and CD MP3). Hi, I recently bought the book "ASSIMIL EFFORTLESS ENGLISH AMERICAN" but I need the PDF so that it can also read on my tablet, anyone can send me to.

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Assimil Ingles Portugues Pdf

Hi All, I know there must be a ton of Assimil fans here, I just came across this wonderful gem The PDF is Italian_Without_Toil-pagesat-end. pdf. I'm looking for the PDF + audio for the Brazilian Portuguese course. I have all the languages I'm learning but I can't seem to find this course in. New English-based Assimil for Brazilian Portuguese! All about language . I ocr' ed and cleaned up the pdf's for my own use. The audio is not.

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Success will hinge largely on your persistence and motivation. Insist on speaking to them in their own language, even if they answer you in yours out of politeness. You will always find similarities between the two in terms of both vocabulary and grammar. Have the nerve to make mistakes. They will point you towards near perfection.

Create a personal relationship with your target language and transform the relationship into a passion that will give you very special access to your own way of learning. For that, you will have to immerse yourself totally in the language: listening to music, watching movies and reading simple texts, such as comic books.

Set concrete goals and achievable timeframes in which to reach them. As in anything, practice makes perfect. That may sound silly, but given the wide variety of multimedia options available to us, you can start by getting used to the sounds of a language from a distance. Music can also be part of this learning process. Babies learn the sounds of a language before starting to speak.

Do as babies do: listen, listen and listen.

It prevents your brain from trying to understand the logic of the foreign language. Learning means trying first to understand the general meaning of a sentence; the syntax will follow gradually.

Be patient. Languages learned but now rusty or fossilised, to use the linguistic jargon : Arabic classical and Moroccan , Hebrew biblical, what else? Talk, even if you know only a handful or words and a couple of rules! Foolish me, I was comparing this course to the Portuguese of Portugal course.

This is, in fact, a translation of this course: I've used it for German and Spanish however.. I've not seen an English-based one for Portuguese.


I had a listen to the French based one just out of curiosity, a lot is still applicable In the course was still making references to the Cruzero The slang really should be addressed more. Slow traveller, language learner, web developer, digital nomad Administrator of http: It is not a "one stop shop" for language learning- no course is. Assimil can't teach you everything, but it can give a learner enough of a base to allow them to start learning on their own by seeking out more opportunities to engage with the language.

This is what almost all courses should strive to do. I once read somewhere that once a learner finishes their course- " now they can start to learn ". The mistake some learners make is thinking so highly of Assimil fan-boy gushing can get a little heavy at times that their expectations can be too out of whack with what the course can actually deliver.

This fallacy can lead some learners to depend much too heavily on the course. Obviously, only a few do this, but it has been known to happen. I've had a look at the course with a French base, a few years ago.

Assimil - El Nuevo Ingles Sin Esfuerzo

It's a good course. The Assimil method just isn't for me. Many others like it and find it useful. Myself, I can't stand the overly slow audio at the beginning lessons even all the way to the end, I still find it slow and I like to have a lot of drills- which Assimil doesn't have enough of to suit my personal tastes.


I used a 47 year old course from DLI and my multi-track approach and did just fine. As long as I am getting enough exposure to the real, modern, thing, I don't mind the age of a course- as long as it's within the lifetime of people currently alive today.

The Multi-track Approach. Did you find the DLI course to be suitable for beginners, or did you introduce it after being a bit further in? I feel like a lot of what I read is people saying DLI is too heavy to go at from the start. Though I've never used one. Was it something listed here? Instead it got longer haha. I am reading through it now deleting the extraneous words and am hoping to distill down the essence into something that is easier to refer back to. Thank you very much for sharing your idea of the multi-track approach as well as for sharing your views on here with me.

Who knows, I may just copy you for learning Brazilian Portuguese. I'm sorry the post was too long. Whenever you write something on the forum you have to cover yourself nine ways to next Sunday. At this point you should understand what is being said.

New English-based Assimil for Brazilian Portuguese! - A language learners’ forum

Listen to the recording once more. Stop the machine after each sentence, and try to repeat it aloud. Carefully read the comments several times. Examine the foreign sentences being explained. These notes are very important. Read the exercises. Repeat each sentence several times. The exercises review material from the current lesson and from preceding lessons. If you have forgotten certain words, consult the English translation. Examine the examples of sentence structure. They show how words and phrases are combined in the target language, which is not always the same as in English.

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